Roscoe Mitchell - Dots / Pieces For Percussion And Woodwinds


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On Dots / Pieces for Percussion and Woodwind, Roscoe Mitchell creates beautiful music that is simply at peace with itself. Recorded by Mitchell at home, on these nineteen new compositions he played his own percussion array with articulate precision, then overdubbed his idiosyncratic saxophone on seven of the pieces. 

Roscoe Mitchell has been at the forefront of experimental free jazz since the mid-'60s as a founder of The Art Ensemble Of Chicago, and has never stopped exploring the possibilities of music, recording continuously for over fifty-five years, and performing alongside other revered avant-garde musicians such as Pauline Oliveros and Evan Parker. 


  1. Slow Ride 
  2. Slow Ride 2 
  3. Glide And Run 
  4. Skip 
  5. Hey 
  6. Oops 
  7. Light Green 
  8. Vast Horizons 
  9. Shimmer 
  10. Clang 
  11. Startle 
  12. Dots 
  13. Let’s Go There 
  14. Do The Dang Thing 
  15. Boom Ba 
  16. Click 
  17. Now The Color Blue 
  18. Moving Bell 
  19. Silence 


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