The Real Distractions' self-titled debut 7" EP on Perennial / K Records (the single artwork features a colour photograph of the band on a white background with the band name printed in black uppercase 'letraset' text above the photo)

The Real Distractions - The Real Distractions


  • £7.99

The Real Distractions are a new band from Olympia, Washington formed by singer/bassist KT B, singer/guitarist Ricky Meyer (Rik and the Pigs), drummer Tobi Vail (Bikini Kill, Frumpies, Spider and the Webs , gSp, etc.), and keyboardist Peter David Connelly (the mona reels, Bangs, Quayde le Hue). Their debut self-titled EP is a lo-fi rock'n'roll punk fun pop platter that continues the rich tradition of DIY bands crafting instant pop hits entirely on their own terms, which has long been the hallmark of the International Pop Underground series. 
Recorded live on a 1/2" four-track, its like they cut up a bunch of Bomp and Kicks magazines, stuck them back together and made a wish to turn them to a real band - a true love’s wish and it worked! 



  1. Stupid 
  2. Smoking With Peter 
  3. Beach Men 
  4. Fosta/Sesta 


  • US import 
  • Limited edition of 600 copies 
  • Housed in spined sleeve and includes fold-out insert 
  • Volume CXLVIII of K Records long-running International Pop Underground series of 45s 




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