Mien (Yao): Cannon Singing in China, Vietnam, Laos on Sublime Frequencies

Various - Mien (Yao): Cannon Singing in China, Vietnam, Laos


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This album compiles Canon singing from Mien (Yao) hill tribes in China, Vietnam, and Laos. 

Although their name comes from a pejorative Chinese expression that means “dog” or “savage" - stemming from a legend that they were founded by a dog who saved the life of the daughter of a Chinese emperor and thus was rewarded with her hand in marriage - the largest branch of the Yao minority call themselves Mien, which means simply “people". They number four-million and are spread over the southern Chinese provinces of Guizhou, Guangxi, Yunnan, and also migrated to Vietnam, Laos and Thailand over the last centuries. Part of the Miao-Yao (Hmong Mien) group of the Sino-Tibetan ethnolinguistic family, they have many subgroups, usually defined according to colors of their traditional clothes. 


  1. Keo and Na - Lan Pan Moon [Laos] 
  2. Deng Fu Mei and Zhang Wu Mei - Kai Tian Pi Di [China] 
  3. Yang Chun Jin and Yang Bao Cheng - Shan Ge [China] 
  4. Gap Choun - Dao Cham [Vietnam] 


  • Limited edition LP 
  • Includes insert with photos, liner notes and extended track descriptions by Laurent Jeanneau 



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