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Founded in 1993, Low are influential pioneers of minimalist, artful indie-rock. Their 2018 album Double Negative was a critical and commercial success, introducing new noise and experimental-based textures and pop elements to their sound. Their thirteenth full-length album, 2021's HEY WHAT, pushes this formula further still, turbocharged by the vivid textures. 

Tender minimalism and contrasting layers of distorted noise build and break, while the ineffable familiar harmonies of Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker break through the chaos like a life raft. 


  1. White Horses
  2. I Can Wait
  3. All Night
  4. Disappearing
  5. Hey
  6. Days Like These
  7. There's a Comma After Still
  8. Don't Walk Away
  9. More
  10. The Price You Pay (It Must Be Wearing Off) 


  • Limited cassette and 'Loser'-edition crystal-clear vinyl LP available exclusively from indie stores 
  • LP housed in gatefold jacket with 6mm spine and printed inner-sleeve 
  • CD housed in gatefold card jacket with 6mm spine and printed inner-sleeve 
  • Red-shell cassette housed in clear case with 4-panel J-card





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