Jana Horn - Optimism


  • £19.99

Optimism is the debut album from Jana Horn of Austin, Texas. Originally self-released in a small vinyl edition, the album is now made more widely available through Philadelphia label No Quarter Records. 
Horn says the album "seemed to come about indirectly, almost in passing, a feeling of being in-between things. I was really mobile at that time, living wherever... I had just discovered, late, Raymond Carver Broadcast, Sybil Baier, Annette Peacock, Richard & Linda Thompson, a short story called 'Car Crash While Hitchhiking' by Denis Johnson. I had 'Heart Needs a Home' in mind, 'The Great Valerio;' I was just really moving through the world, hanging in the shadows of the people I wanted to be. Hoping, looking out, this is Optimism. I was looking for anything." 



  1. Friends Again 
  2. Time Machine 
  3. Optimism 
  4. Changing Lives 
  5. Man Meandering 
  6. Tonight 
  7. A Good Thing 
  8. Jordan 
  9. Driving 
  10. When I Go Down Into The Night 


  • US import 
  • CD housed in gatefold card jacket with 5mm spine  




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