For Those We Met On The Way by David Christian & The Pinecone Orchestra on Tapete Records (the album artwork features a sepia-toned black and white photograph of David Christian sat beside a lake in a chair with an electric guitar)

David Christian & The Pinecone Orchestra - For Those We Met On The Way


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After twenty-nine years with indie-punk-mod-beat collective Comet Gain, songwriter and singer David Christian (also known as Feck) decided it was time to make a solo album, albeit with the help of numerous friends. 

The album was made in the middle of the french countryside in a barn/farm owned by Mike and Allison Targett of Heist fame where, along with old another old friend, drummer Cosmic Neman (Zombie/Zombie, Herman Dune), they cut the record while cows grazed, with Mike producing and both Targetts adding vocals,pianos etc. Later, the group of friends known as The Pinecone Orchestra; James Horsey and Alasdair MacLean (The Clientele), Ben Phillipson (18th Day Of May/Trimdon Grange Explosion/Comet Gain), Gerry Love (Teenage Fan Club/Lightships), Anne-Laure Guillain (Comet Gain/Cinema Red And Blue) and Joe-Harvey Whyte (Hanging Stars) coloured everything in with guitars, vocals, bass, pedal steel etc. 

"Part of the weird process of looking back or trying to diary a life full of holes is that it's best managed through friends, places, records. But mainly the people you knew - good or bad - those fleeting best friends forevers whose faces you now struggle to recall, the crushes that crushed you until you wonder 'well i wonder how their life turned out'. Moving country makes you go through boxes and find memorials - letters, photos, all kinds of mementos and some tug at you preciously so the title of the record was in tribute to these half remembered and faded folks - 'the ones that burst into your heart and are then lost forever' but you can navigate your way to who you were or where or what by their psychic presence-maps to a gone you. The plan was to inhabit the songs with these moments, people, places, etc and then banish them sweetly - or as sung in "Goodbye Teenage Blue": "you've got to break the taboo by singing goodbye teenage blue" to exorcise your ghost suitcase weight - so there are songs about the future ("On The Last Day (We Spend Together)"), the present ("In My Hermit Hours", "Dream A Better Me" and the past (most of the others) and "Mum's and Dad's and Other Ghosts" which holds to the past while giving a message to a future." 

The bruised romanticism and brash snotty Comet Gain sound is still very present, but so is there a deliberately more "songwriter"/folk-rock approach to these broken ballads, long winding songs, and short pop songs. Acoustic guitars, pianos, pedal steels, harmonies, wonderful drumming all frame these tales of alcoholic skinheads, forest hermits, Californian dudes, Holloway sweethearts, bruised mods in the upstairs room, strange boys being hit by a car, painters who can’t paint no more, friends and ghosts and lovers and losers. 


  1. In My Hermit Hours 
  2. Goodbye Teenage Blue 
  3. Holloway Sweethearts 
  4. When I Called Their Names They'd Faded Away 
  5. Dream A Better Me 
  6. On The Last Day (We Spend Together) 
  7. Lockets, Drop-outs And Dragnets 
  8. Pay Me. Later, Coco + Dee 
  9. See You In Almost Sunshine 
  10. I Used To Make Drawings 
  11. The Ballad For The Button-downs 
  12. Mum's And Dad's And Other Ghosts 


  • CD housed in digipack case 




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