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Clear History - Bad Advice Good People


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Clear History are a scorching post-punk trio from Berlin who make a big deal out of little things, and sometimes vice versa. 
Bad Advice Good People is Clear History’s debut mini-album. The six songs here cast a huge net across themes of raucous opposition, identity, closeness, gifting and exploding cars. They are a full-hearted call to arms from a stubborn Aries concerned with wasting time and energy. With such rapport for the touchstones of danceable post-punk (ESG, Kleenex, Gang of Four, etc.), Clear History are proud hi-hat botherers, bounding along with the plummy bassline, joining the dots whilst thinking to the beat. This debut documents the tantalising first sparks from a band intent on holding up a magnifying glass to the sun. 
Their influences include correct grammar, Rihanna & ‘The Waiting Room’ by Fugazi. They make muscular songs about intimacy whilst dreaming of an extravagant breakfast the day after the rapture. What will the dance floors look like over there? What music will ring true and make the people move? Clear History are giving this their full atttention! 


  1. Solar Death Ray 
  2. Song In the Key of Emo 
  3. Presents 
  4. Morsels 
  5. Bad advice good people 
  6. The Mall 


  • Limited to 500 copies worldwide 
  • Pressed on 180g vinyl



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