A Thousand Sacred Steps by Chris Abrahams & Mark Wastell on Confront Recordings (the album cover features an abstract black and white photograph by David Sylvian)

Chris Abrahams & Mark Wastell - A Thousand Sacred Steps


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The first in Confront Recordings' series of EP length improvised experimental releases is a one-off collaboration between pianist Chris Abrahams (The Necks) and percussionist Mark Wastell (The Sealed Knot), recorded in 2018 - a beautifully meditative piece that gives each musician room to breath, and for time to seemingly stand still for the duration. 

The album title, says Mark Wastell, “came to mind quite early on in my listening back to the sessions. I was thinking how musicians cross the globe, physically and metaphorically, treading sacred steps that lead from one musical experience to another. Akin to some kind continual ritual pilgrimage.” Chris Abrahams is known for his penchant for cyclic, rippling, somewhat Debussy-esque opening passages that, gradually intensifying, may develop in any direction, and this is especially evident on 'A', where the sense of foreboding neither resolves nor breaks. A kind of climax arrives around halfway through 'Steps' but finally subsides into that impression of ambiguity which has, on each track, drawn us into the next stage of the pilgrimage. 

"A wonderful experience" - Tony Oxley 


  1. Thousand 
  2. Sacred 
  3. Steps 


  • Limited to 300 copies
  • CD housed in 250g card wallet
  • Artwork features photography by David Sylvian


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