50 Foot Wave - Black Pearl


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Black Pearl is the 2022 album from 50 Foot Wave: Kristin Hersh’s ‘other’ band - active since 2003, with fellow Throwing Muses’ member Bernard Georges on bass and drummer Rob Ahlers. 
A sonic trip from the heavy, echoey riff of ‘Staring Into The Sun,’ with all of its grunge melancholy and dronecore menace, to the perfectly baroque ‘Hog Child’ with its spidery guitar that dissolves into motorik bass and drums. 
Hailed as “an outlet for the material deemed too weird or wild for Throwing Muses”, their “menacing, stalking, spirals of lean, hungry riffs, set alight” as “feedback rips into the fragile melody.” 50 Foot Wave continue to traverse the rigid tension of their own sound. They remain detuned and discordant at will. 



  1. Staring Into The Sun 
  2. Hog Child 
  3. Fly Down South 
  4. Black Pearl 
  5. Broken Sugar 
  6. Blush 
  7. Double Barrel 


  • Limited-edition LP pressed on turquoise vinyl and contains download coupon 
  • CD housed in double-scored card wallet with 3mm spine and inner-sleeve 




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