Neo Boys - Sooner Or Later


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This double-album, compiled by Mississippi and K Records, contains the collected recordings (studio, demos, and live) from 1978-1983 of the legendary, and hugely influential first-wave Portland punk band Neo Boys. This is a must own record!

Lo-fi, anglular, catchy and sparse, their sound is closer to the sound of New York bands of the time than of their Northwest contemporaries (The Wipers, The Rats etc), and even closer to Portland bands of today, still sounding as fresh, spontaneous and relevant as anything recorded since.

Though they were an active band for just five years, teenage sisters Kt (bass) and Kim Kincaid (vocals), Pat Baum (drums) and guitarists Jennifer LoBianco and Meg Hentges forged a place for women in the growing punk rock scene, and redefined gender roles in the 80’s movement of rock and roll.

K records' Calvin Johnson worked with the band members to track down the missing tapes of their recordings through a rabbit hole of basements and closets, and after twenty years of effort, the result is Sooner or Later. As well as containing early demos and live sessions that have never before been available to the public, this comprehensive album also includes the long out-of-print 1980 7” EP (released on Greg Sage's Trap Records), and 1982 self-released EP Crumbling Myths.


  1. Kids
  2. No Venue
  3. Put A Penny In
  4. Never Comes Down
  5. I'm Free
  6. I Don't Belong
  7. Caution
  8. Abnormal Chick
  9. Empty My Head
  10. Give Me The Message
  11. Rich Man's Dreams
  12. Never Comes Down
  13. There Is A Place
  14. Movie
  15. WWII
  16. Time May Tell
  17. Little Man
  18. Image Of Guilt
  19. Broken Mirror
  20. Let Go
  21. Running In The Shadows
  22. Poor Man's Jungle
  23. City Unlimited
  24. In Disguise
  25. Split
  26. Days In Heaven
  27. Between Borders
  28. Under Control
  29. Dirty White Lies
  30. Obscure Emotion
  31. No Form
  32. Look
  33. Time Keeps Time
  34. Cheap Labor
  35. Hands Down
  36. Nothing To Fear
  37. Someday Maybe
  38. Ancient Youth
  39. On Common Ground
  40. In This Circle Of Time
  41. Under Control


Gatefold sleeve with liner notes and insert.


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