Mirah - Sundial


  • £17.99

Sundial began as a special project Mirah was asked to do for the BRIC Arts/Media House in Brooklyn in 2016. She immediately contacted longtime friend and collaborator Jherek Bishoff to work on creating string arrangements for some of her songs for this special performance. Following the project the two decided to tour the songs with a string quartet. Never one to do things in the normal order, it was only after the shows were over that it dawned on Mirah to make a record of all this beautiful stuff. 

With the exception of 'Sundial' each of these songs has appeared on a previous recordings, now with new breath breathed into them by the unique and varied arrangements. 


  1. Sundial 
  2. The World is Falling Apart 
  3. Oxen Hope 
  4. Cold Cold Water 
  5. Little Cup 
  6. Fleetfoot Ghost 
  7. The Light 


  • US import 
  • One-off limited edition clear vinyl pressing 




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