L'Altra - In The Afternoon


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Originally released in the spring of 2002 on Aesthetics Records, In the Afternoon, is the second album by Chicago's L’Altra. 
Based around the delicate songwriting and interweaving vocals and guitars of Lindsay Anderson and Joseph Costa, with Eben English on drums and Ken Dyber on bass, In The Afternoon is a timeless-sounding record that reverberates with a gentle nostalgic melancholia on a perfect set of songs that glow with beautifully minimal layers and textures. While owing much to the pastoral avant-indie of bands such as Hood and Crescent, and the slowcore lament of Low and Codiene, the album is unmistakably a pop record with tunes that shimmer with soft touches of light and harmony. 
This remastered twentieth-anniversary double-album reissue also includes four extra previously unreleased tracks. 


  1. Soft Connection 
  2. Certainty 
  3. Black Arrow 
  4. A Delicate Flower 
  5. Traffic 
  6. Ways Out 
  7. Moth in Rain 
  8. Broken Mouths 
  9. Afternoon Sun 
  10. Goodbye Music 
  11. Tragically Older * 
  12. Unperfect Storm * 
  13. Leave It All Again * 
  14. Traditionally Him * 
* Bonus tracks 


  • Double-LP housed in gatefold jacket 8mm spine and printed inner-sleeves 
  • Opaque red vinyl edition limited to 600 copies 
  • Contains download coupon 




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