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Jetstream Pony are a dream-core jangle-gaze post-punk indie-pop band from Brighton/Croydon featuring Beth Arzy (The Luxembourg Signal, Trembling Blue Stars, Aberdeen, Lightning in a Twilight Hour) on vocals, Shaun Charman (The Wedding Present, The Popguns, The Fireworks) on guitar, Kerry Boettcher (Turbocat) on bass, and Hannes Müller (The BV's, Endlich Bluete) on drums. 
Beth and Shaun met as members of The Fireworks, recording rough demos on an iPad, which were picked up by German record label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten, who released them as a 7" single. Like You Less / Had Enough was released in late 2017 to enthusiastic reviews. By now a full band had formed, with Kerry on bass. A 12" EP then followed, titled Self-Destruct Reality, in September 2018 and a 7" single of 'I Close My Eyes' followed in December 2019. Their self titled debut studio album was released on Kleine Untergrund (Germany) and Shelflife Records in May 2020, winning a fast following and selling out almost immediately. 
The album now gets a UK release on Spinout Nuggets, with the addition of an extra track, 'It'll Take More Than A Friday.' 


  1. It's Fine 
  2. I Close My Eyes 
  3. Mitte 
  4. Worthless 
  5. I Think I'm Ready to Let You Go 
  6. Trapped in Amber 
  7. Gone to Ground 
  8. Half an Idea 
  9. The Very Eyes of Night 
  10. Outside 
  11. Spoke Too Soon 
  12. It'll Take More Than a Friday 


  • Limited-edition pressing of 250 copies 




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