The History of Crying (Revisited) by Jad Fair & Kramer on Joyful Noise Records

Jad Fair & Kramer - The History of Crying (Revisited)


  • £24.99

The History of Crying was originally released in 2017 on the limited-run Shimmy-500 label, and was Jad Fair (Half Japanese) and Kramer's first collaboration in almost twenty years. This 'revisited' edition, again strictly limited to 500 copies, was re-mixed by Kramer in 2020 on the vintage analogue UA610 console used by Brian Wilson to record The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, and by Arthur Lee on Love's Forever Changes. (both apt cornerstones for this forward looking, classic feeling experimental pop album). 

With music by Kramer and words by Jad Fair, the duo take ample inspiration from classic sunshine pop, with Fair's vocals far less frantic than anything he has ever recorded, and even the wig-out noise-guitar accompaniment from Butthole Surfers' Paul Leary often shimmeringly beautiful. But feel-good pop this is not exactly; there is a dark richness and complexity that underpins every song with bittersweet odd-pop genius. 


  1. Red Red Sun 
  2. I Wanna Make a Movie 
  3. The History Of Crying 
  4. I Won’t Eat ’Til You Come Back To Me 
  5. I’ll Give You The Moon 
  6. Pickpockets Of Love 
  7. Show Me The Way To Nowhere 
  8. Do You Really Need a Map To My Heart? 
  9. All I Need Is a Kiss 
  10. I Miss My Analog Warmth 
  11. You Cripple Me 
  12. Tearjerker 


  • US import 
  • Pressed on 'golden tears' colour vinyl 
  • Limited pressing of 500 copies 
  • Includes download coupon 




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