Three Queens In Mourning & Bonnie Prince Billy - Hello Sorrow Hello Joy


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 Three Queens in Mourning first sang together at the celebration of the publication of Will Oldham’s book of collected lyrics, Songs of Love and Horror. Alasdair Roberts (Appendix Out), Jill O' Sullivan (Jill Lorean), and Alex Neilson (Trembling Bells, Alex Rex) each arrived provisioned with a small armful of selections from Oldham’s far-reaching catalogue (including songs recorded under his own name, Palace, and Bonny 'Prince' Billy). Three Queens in Mourning’s takes on these tunes, and Will’s words, are characterised by their three distinctive Scottish voices.

This double-album is, in fact, two back to back records, and the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy LP is a collection of three cover versions by Will Oldham from Ali, Jill and Alex, and one original song. 

Three Queen in Mourning / Bonnie Prince Billy Oldham/Palace/Bonnie Prince Billy covers)
  1. Stablemate
  2. Christmas Time in the Mountains
  3. Lost Blues
  4. Madeleine Mary
  5. No More Workhorse Blues
  6. No Such As What I Want
  7. I See A Darkness
  8. Trudy Dies
  9. Tonight’s Decision 1
  10. Darling
  11. New Partner
  12. Ohio Riverboat Song
Bonnie Prince Billy
  1. Coral and Tar
  2. Coward Song
  3. Dead Man
  4. Wild Dandelion


Sleeve notes by David Grubbs

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