Sally Decker - In The Tender Dream


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Sally Decker has been learning to let go; when working on the pieces that make up her new album, In The Tender Dream, her first under her own name, she worked heavily with feedback, a tool that helped her learn it was okay to not be in control. 

By their nature, feedback systems are unwieldy and unpredictable, but over time, she came to see resonance and meaning in the wavering static and unruly drones. Learning to work with these systems became a metaphor for the way she was learning to move through the world. She was beginning to understand how to embrace change, to find stability in a turbulent internal landscape. 

The ideas behind In The Tender Dream first took shape when Decker moved to Oakland to attend Mills College. Drawn, in part, by the communitarian nature of the program, she went through an intense period of personal and artistic growth. Challenged by mentors to experiment and delve deep, she found her way to these feedback systems, and to new ways of making art that felt intensely personal. 

Exploring the ache of codependency, straining deeply for self-worth on her own terms, she crafted pieces that helped her process her most intimate feelings. In The Tender Dream feels vulnerable and intense; in the record’s distended drones, gentle ambiance and conversational poetry, Decker dives back and forth between chaos and order, turmoil and respite. There are stormy feelings captured in these pieces, but there’s peace too if you listen for it. 


  1. The Other Side 
  2. All Possible Realities 
  3. The Loss 
  4. Abode 
  5. In The Tender Dream 
  6. Affirmation 
  7. Affirmation Pt. II 
  8. Stair 
  9. Endlessly 
  10. Seen 


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