Moor Mother - Fetish Bones


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Fetish Bones is the 2016 album by Philadelphia-based musician, artist, and activist, Camae Ayewa, who performs under the name Moor Mother; it's their first record on Don Giovanni Records, following a debut cassette on DIY label Vague Audio Tapes. 
The album features thirteen songs conceived and recorded in Camae's home studio using a variety of machines, field recordings, and analogue noisemakers. The music is often harsh and strange, projecting both the visceral anger of punk and the expansive improvisatory spirit of Sun Ra. It's an album intended as a form of protest and also as form of time travel - a collection of sounds that are events themselves, telling stories rich in history about the journey that brings us to today and the future we are creating. Fetish Bones is not an album meant to help you forget; It is made so that you will remember the injustices that we bear witness to and participate in. 


  1. Creation Myth 
  2. Parallel Nightmares 
  3. Deadbeat Protest 
  4. KBGK 
  5. Valley of Dry Bones 
  6. DIY Time Machine 
  7. Tell Me About It 
  8. Chain Gang Quantum Blues 
  9. By The Light 
  10. Cabrini Green x Natasha Mkenna 
  11. Nois Bois 
  12. Washington Park 
  13. Time Float 


  • US import 
  • Limited-edition clear vinyl LP available exclusively from independent stores 
  • CD housed in jewel case with clear tray 




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