Diamanda Galás self-titled album on Intravenal Sound Operations (the album artwork is a black and white negative photograph of the artist holding two microphones to their mouth; there is no text or other information on the front of the sleeve)

Diamanda Galás - Diamanda Galás


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Diamanda Galás’ second self-titled album, originally released in 1984 the Metalanguage label, is one of the most haunting and uncompromising works by the Californian avant-garde artist, whose commitment to drawing attention to social issues through performance as well as collective action has seen her address themes including the AIDS epidemic, mental illness, despair, loss of dignity, as well as political injustice, historical revisionism and war crimes. 

The self-titled album consists of two pieces, each taking up a side of the record. 'Panoptikon' was inspired by Jack Henry Abbott's 1981 autobiographical book In the Belly of the Beast which chronicled his experiences in a brutal and unjust American prison system in a series of letters written to Norman Mailer. The piece uses text from the book set amidst a cacophony of tape manipulation, electronic noise and distortion.

'Song from the Blood of Those Murdered' ('Τραγούδια από το Αίμα Εχούv Φονός'), recorded in 1981, is a work dedicated to the political prisoners who were tortured and executed during the 1967-74 Greek military junta, and consists several viginettes made solely of layered vocals, mournful, vengeful, distorted in Galás' unique delivery. 

Out of print for 37 years, this reissue on Galás' own Interavenal Sound Operations label has been remastered by Heba Kadry, and, along with a new vinyl pressing, is now available on CD for the very first time. 


  1. Panoptikon  [15:22] 
  2. Song from the Blood of Those Murdered  [17:19] 
  • US import 
  • CD housed in 6-panel double-fold digipack with 10mm spine and insert



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