Uwami by DJ Black Low on Awesome Tapes From Africa (the album sleeve features a photograph of DJ Black Low wearing headphones and looking at the camera; they are sat with music production equipment in front of a terracotta-coloured wall; the photograph is surrounded by a mint-green border).

DJ Black Low - Uwami


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Uwami, the debut album from 20-year old producer DJ Black Low (aka Sam Austin Redebe), comes at a time when South African electronic music is being fundamentally disrupted by a new wave of young amapiano producers. 

Amapiano, the electronic music movement which first gained popularity with a small, core group of followers, now dominates the mainstream, borrowing from a diverse palette of musical styles including jazz, kwaito, dibacardi, deep and afro house. DJ Black Low is pushing the boundaries of the amapiano scene, using the samples and compositional norms that make up amapiano hits the bedrock on which to experiment and improvise with improvised but structured electronic percussion and distorted sounds. The result is something of a deconstructed amapiano, dark and searching; dance-able yet jarringly compelling.

For a young producer living in the townships of the greater Pitori area of South Africa’s Gauteng province, there were few avenues available for Radebe to pursue a career in music. His trajectory shows the vulnerability of this pursuit. “I had started producing in 2013 and it so happened that I lost my equipment in 2014. I couldn’t afford to buy equipment. In 2017, a friend of mine who had been making music found a job and decided to quit music. He gave me his equipment and I was able to start producing again. That’s when I started getting back to it. I tried to pick up where I had left off, with hip hop and commercial house but I found that amapiano was the popular music. I liked it, so I started producing it.” 


  1. DJ Black Low & Hapas Music feat. DJ KS & Patna - Jaiva Low 
  2. DJ Black Low & Tap Soul feat. Licy Jay & Eto - Emcimbinii 
  3. DJ Black Low feat. DJ Saxo Boy - 9 Days 
  4. DJ Black Low & Kapzela feat. Licy Jay & MLG - Emonate Oe Bethela D Vosho 
  5. DJ Black Low - Downfall Revisit 
  6. DJ Black Low - Stiwawa Quitter 


  • US import 
  • Includes liner notes by Setumo Thebe-Mohlomi 



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