Negative Nancies - Heatwave


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Based in Dunedin, Negative Nancies exist in their own universe, sounding unlike anything else in New Zealand past or present. Consisting of Tess Mackay (keyboard, vocals), Emilie Smith (drums, vocals), and Mick Elborado (guitar, vocals), the songs evolve organically through rehearsal room experimentation yet, amid the art-punk chaos, an irrepressible undercurrent of pop melodicism. 

The three-piece are an intergenerational conglomeration of musical explorers. Mackay and Smith have emerged from the subterranean shadows of Dunedin’s experimental music scene -their Richard Maybe’s Passion for Nature duo performing at Audio Foundation’s Lines of Flight, and Nowhere experimental music festivals - while Elborado was a member of eighties and nineties underground Flying Nun recording artistes such as The Terminals, Scorched Earth Policy and The Shallows

Negative Nancies don’t play by anyone’s rules. Songs unfold in unusual ways with sombre glory, impish mischief, wired anxiety or manic glee. It makes sense until it doesn’t any more, and vice versa - less Dada than Dunedina - filtering observations about everyday human behaviour and existential absurdity through an organic wild-yeast approach to song creation and performance. They don’t want to be banned; they just want to play in a band. 

The recording brings out all the band’s rickety fizzing danger and punk energy. Heatwave sounds like it was recorded in a concrete basement with mains leads running through puddles of water, everything crackling with arcing live electricity and a sense of danger. Maybe it was... who knows?


  1. Pig In A Pen 
  2. What Would John Say 
  3. Banned 
  4. Agatha Christie 
  5. Monkey Chest 
  6. Monkey Chest 
  7. Death By Association 
  8. Late Light Romance 
  9. Heatwave 


  • CD housed in gatefold card jacket with 5mm spine 


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