Matana Roberts - Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens De Couleur Libres

Matana Roberts - Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens De Couleur Libres


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Matana Roberts is one of the leading lights of contemporary African-American experimental music, combining her widely recognised gifts as an alto saxophone player and improviser with an intensely engaged re-definition of American jazz traditions. Matana's Coin Coin project is the centrepiece of this engagement and re-definition: a multi-chapter work that combines conceptual scoring (graphic notation, 'chance' strategies), storytelling and historical narrative, performative theatre (personae, costume, multi-media), and a deeply considered channelling of personal ancestry and the 'universal' experience of Africans in America. 

Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens De Couleur Libre is the first official recording of this ambitious and powerful project, recorded live in front of a small in-studio audience at Hotel2Tango. The performance is stunning, and literally brought audience members to tears. It rallies adventurous improv, experimental voice and narrative, a wide array of black folkways, and Matana's impassioned lead playing to tremendous emotional and conceptual effect.  

Says Matana: “COIN COIN is a compositional sound language, that I have been developing since 2006. My initial interest in creating this work came from my childhood fascination with ghosts, spirits, spooks, and the faint traces of what they leave behind. I have a deep interest in old, antique objects of human existence, mostly because of the variety of story that can be created, factual or not, from the possibility of their being. This project is a combination of those interests as well as my delight in musical communication , ritual adornment, and the genealogical 20th century history of Africans in America. In some instances I am using information that I have gleaned from research into my own ancestral history, as inspiration and area of creative consideration. The musical root of much of this work also stems from my continued attraction/repulsion to certain aspects of the American Jazz tradition(s) which I am deeply involved with as an alto saxophonist.” 


  1. Rise 
  2. Pov Piti 
  3. Song for Eulalie 
  4. Kersaia 
  5. Libation for Mr. Brown: Bid Em In... 
  6. Lulla / Bye 
  7. I Am 
  8. How Much Would You Cost? 


  • Canadian import 
  • Double 10" LP housed in deluxe double-scored reverse-board sleeve with wide 7mm spine and inserts and download coupon 
  • CD housed in a custom gatefold reverse-board sleeve 



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