Acetate by Oceans of Silver & Blood on Confront Recordings (the album artwork features a black and white close-up photograph by David Sylvian of an audio valve against a black background; the band name and album title are printed in small black uppercase sans-serif text in a white banner across the top of the sleeve

Oceans Of Silver & Blood - Acetate


  • £8.99

The second release in Confront Recordings' EP length series of improvised experimental releases. Oceans Of Silver & Blood is a collaboration between Joachim Nordwall (analogue synthesiser and effects, tape) and Mark Wastell (tam tam, timpani). 

This recording featuring two twelve-minute expansive minimalist pieces was originally released September 2014 on a clear lacquer acetate dubplate in an edition of twenty copies on Joachim Nordwall Editions. 


  1. ECA  [11:58] 
  2. ETAT  [12:01] 


  • CD housed in card wallet 
  • Features album artwork by David Sylvian  


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