Movietone - The Sand And The Stars


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Movietone's fourth album, The Sand And The Stars, released in 2003, draws explicit influence from the shoreline, and was, in-part, recorded on a beach at the very tip of Cornwall, looking out across the Atlantic. 

Intended to sound like "a jazz record being played across the bay," the core-band of Kate Wright, Rachel Brook (Flying Saucer Attack), Matt Jones (Crescent), Sam Jones (Crescent, The Balky Mule) and Chris Cole (Manyfingers) were joined on several songs by other Bristol musicians Lisa Brook (Headfall), George McKenzie (Headfall), Michal William (Headfall), Tom Cops (My Two Toms), John Coe and Clare Ring. 

The Sand And The Stars seems to pick up where previous album, 2000's The Blossom Filled Streets left off, expanding their sound further, and leaning more into a gentle melodic hopefulness and pop sensibility. 


  1. The Sand And The Stars 
  2. Ocean Song 
  3. In Mexico 
  4. Pale Tracks 
  5. Let Night In 
  6. We Rode On 
  7. Snow Is Falling 
  8. Not Even Close 
  9. Red Earth 
  10. Beach Samba 
  11. Near Marconi's Hut 


  • Includes full colour insert 
  • Ships with an original Movietone promo postcard from the time of the album's release 
  • These copies are the final remaining tour-stock from the band 



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