The Frumpies - Frumpie One Piece


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The Frumpies formed in 1992 during the same summer that birthed the first Riot Grrrl zines and meetings. Made up of 3/4 of Bikini Kill (Tobi Vail, Kathi Wilcox, Billy Karren), plus 1/3 of Bratmobile (Molly Neuman) - and later joined briefly by Michelle Mae (Make-Up, Weird War) - the band were conceived of as a singles project, releasing a string of amazing lo-fi punk EPs between 1993 and 2000 on Chainsaw, Lookout, Wiiija and Kill Rock Stars. 

The original Frumpie One Piece compilation, released on CD only in 1998 by Kill Rock Stars, was a collection of all the tracks from the first five 7"s. A sixth EP, Frumpies Forever was released in 2000, and is included in this very limited vinyl version as a bonus 7". 

All the Frumpies releases, including the original Frumpie One Piece CD have long been out of print, and this special Record Store Day release is the only time this compilation will see a re-release. 

Frumpie One Piece is an absolutely essential record - every song will be your favourite song! We cannot recommend this enough!!!! 



Frumpie One Piece 
  1. Malice And Discontent 
  2. I Just Wanna Puke On The Stereo 
  3. Do You Wanna Donuts 
  4. Baby Plays For Pritty 
  5. Alien Summer 
  6. Fuck Kitty 
  7. Giveaway Pile 
  8. Weird Machine 
  9. Interlube Tomorrow 
  10. Be Good 
  11. Whatshisname Hearts The Frumpies 
  12. She’s A Real Cutie Pie 
  13. Safety First 
  14. Weary Ingenues And Snotty Brats 
  15. Duvet Ta 
  16. Fake Antagonism Rules, Okay 
  17. Tommy Slich 
  18. Deliberate Indifference 
  19. Planet What 
  20. Fuck Yr. Frumpies 
  21. Eunuch Nights 
  22. Of Ever And Now On 
  23. You’ll See 
  24. Wrong Way Round 

Frumpies Forever 7” 
  1. Frumpies Forever 
  2. Don’t Wanna Go Home 
  3. Turn Off The Faucet 
  4. Tell Me 


  • US import 
  • LP pressed on white vinyl 
  • Includes bonus 7", lyric zine and printed inner-sleeve 
  • Released for Record Store Day 2020; limited to 350 copies in the UK (1500 copies worldwide)




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