You Won't Believe This! by The Maddox Brothers and Rose on Jasmine Records

The Maddox Brothers And Rose - You Won't Believe This! Selected Singles & More 1952-1957


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Not for nothing were Rose Maddox and her "'Four Big Brothers" known as 'The Most Colourful Hillbilly Band In America;' their loud and lively recordings, and even louder and livelier stage antics, lit up the West coast of America in the 1940s and up to the mid-1950s, during which time they recorded hundreds of great sides that sold in their thousands without ever making a chart of any kind. 
The Maddox Brothers and Rose were unique among their peers. Nobody had a stage act that looked like theirs, nobody's records sounded like theirs. Nobody could follow them, nobody could imitate them. This new anthology focuses on the later years of their career, covering their 1950s output, and also includes the best recordings the Brothers made without Rose and vice versa. 
As well as showcasing Rose's exceptional and influential vocal and her brothers' instrumental skills, this compilation features primarily up-tempo material from the group - including tracks that have made them eternally popular on the rockabilly scene such as 'Ugly And Slouchy', 'Dig A Hole', 'Hey Little Dreamboat' and the skewed classic 'The Death Of Rock 'n' Roll'. This part of their career has not been as well served on single CD as their earlier years have - and You Won't Believe This does much to put that right. As always, the audio is remastered from the best possible sources and the booklet features a comprehensive biography of this fabulous family band, for whom every session sounded like a party and frequently was! 


  1. I'll Make Sweet Love To You 
  2. The Hiccough Song 
  3. No Help Wanted 
  4. Hearts And Flowers 
  5. Rose Maddox - A Little Red Caboose 
  6. Kiss Me Quick And Go 
  7. Rose Maddox - Beautiful Bouquet 
  8. You Won't Believe This 
  9. Rose Maddox - I Wonder If I Can Lose The Blues This Way 
  10. Fountain Of Youth 
  11. I Gotta Go Get My Baby 
  12. Rose Maddox - Wild Wild Young Men 
  13. No More Time 
  14. I've Got Four Big Brothers (To Look After Me) 
  15. Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown 
  16. Rose Maddox With Eddie Cletro's Orchestra - Hasty Baby 
  17. Old Back Choo-Choo 
  18. Rose Maddox With Eddie Cletro's Orchestra - Tall Man 
  19. Rose Maddox With Eddie Cletro's Orchestra - Hey Little Dreamboat 
  20. It's A Dark, Dark Place 
  21. Rose Maddox With Eddie Cletro's Orchestra - False Hearted 
  22. The Maddox Brothers - I'll Find Her 
  23. The Maddox Brothers - Paul Bunyan Love 
  24. The Maddox Brothers - The Death Of Rock 'N' Roll (I Got A Woman) 
  25. The Maddox Brothers - Ugly And Slouchy 
  26. Rose Maddox - I'll Go Steppin' Too 
  27. Rose Maddox - Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me 
  28. Love Is Strange 
  29. Dig A Hole 
  30. Stop Whistlin' Wolf 


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