Silver Jews - Starlite Walker

Silver Jews - Starlite Walker


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Silver Jews' debut album, originally released in 1994, reissued on vinyl.

"Often incorrectly referred to as a Pavement “side-project,” Silver Jews was principally the spurious grace of its singer, guitarist, and spiritual leader. Before David Berman dubbed the band Silver Jews, he started playing with his college pals Stephen Malkmus and Bob Nastanovich in a band called Ectoslavia. The trio played their songs into friends’ answering machines with the basic agenda of having a good time.

This was the first time Silver Jews recorded in a studio, not that the album itself provides much evidence of it. Songs start in one direction and end in another, there’s honky-tonk pianos and “pink noise” filling the gaps where a bridge might otherwise go, and the chatter of a party taking place in what sounds like Berman’s barn all contribute to its intimate production. Somehow Berman, Malkmus, and Nastanovich, fearlessly brimming with enthusiasm, keep its parts from spilling onto the streets of Memphis and somehow the whole thing works.

Starlite Walker may very well be the greatest jam session of half-formed ideas ever made. By the time the piano stomps into ‘Trains Across the Sea’ there’s already a sense of something historic taking place. It’s partly a product of engaging storytelling, partly Malkmus’ off-key falsetto over the shoulder of Berman’s dry baritone, and partly due to the improvisational expertise of musicians at the height of their creative powers. But mostly, I daresay, it’s because the sessions at Easley Recordings were touched by divine providence. There’s really no other way to describe it." Drowned In Sound


  1. Introduction II
  2. Trains Across The Sea
  3. The Moon Is The Number 18
  4. Advice To The Graduate
  5. Tide To The Oceans
  6. Pan-American Blues
  7. New Orleans
  8. The Country Diary Of A Subway Conductor
  9. Living Waters
  10. Rebel Jew
  11. The Silver Pageant



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