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The Shaggs - Philosophy Of The World


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Originally released as a private-press in 1969, Philosophy Of The World is one of the most original and brilliant albums of all time. It is also among the most polarising, with some claiming it to be the worst thing ever made - they are obviously wrong.

Becoming hugely influential in the decades since its release, and finding a loving audience in the post-punk indie world, nothing has quite reached the originality and outsider-pop charm of these twelve songs by the Wiggins sisters.


  1. Philosophy Of The World
  2. That Little Sports Car
  3. Who Are Parents?
  4. My Pal Foot Foot
  5. My Companion
  6. I'm So Happy When You're Near
  7. Things I Wonder
  8. Sweet Thing
  9. I'ts Halloween
  10. Why Do I Feel?
  11. What Should I Do?
  12. We Have A Saviour



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