Pere Ubu - Dub Housing


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Cleveland Ohio's hugely influential experimental post-punk band Pere Ubu's second album, originally released in 1978.

On Dub Housing, (released the same year as their debut, The Modern Dance) Pere Ubu continued to tear apart the rule book, chew it up and spit it out with glorious abandon and innovation.

"Dub Housing appears harsh, impenetrable and repellent... it seems to be working on some hidden internal logic, from some parallel (and disquieting) universe. On subsequent listens, the "logic," if indeed the tapping of the subconscious and intuition can be called "logic," becomes clearer; the album remains baffling, infuriating, haunting, menacing and ferociously funny...” – Jon Savage, Melody Maker

“A voyage into unchartered space. Unfathomable, inscrutable, unmissable” – Uncut  


  1. Navvy
  2. On The Surface
  3. Dub Housing
  4. Caligari's Mirror
  5. Thiller!
  6. I, Will Wait
  7. Drinking Wine Spodyody
  8. (Pa) Ubu Dance Party
  9. Blow Daddy-O
  10. Codex


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