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Mudhoney - Superfuzz Bigmuff


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Superfuzz Bigmuff is Mudhoney's debut six-song mini-album, originally released by Sub Pop in 1988, and is possibly the quintessential record of the grunge era of the late-80's and early-90's in Seattle, WA. 

The deluxe double-CD edition also includes an incredibly comprehensive amount of bonus tracks that surrounded the original release of the record, including the band's first two singles, Touch Me I'm Sick and You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face), along with their b-sides, plus rare compilation tracks, and previously unreleased demos and 1988 live recordings from Berlin and Santa Barbara. 

"At the time, it seemed a foregone conclusion that Mudhoney would make grunge big. Why Nirvana did so instead is no mystery, but the indelible mark left on indie rock by Mudhoney's first few records shouldn't be obscured. While the impact was partially due to buzz and circumstance, it came mostly because the music killed. Mudhoney blurted a Technicolor yawn of 60s garage, Stooges-style howl, Jimi Hendrix fuzz, post-Black Flag steam, and proto-slacker slop. And they wrapped it in a blissfully primal package - as animalistic as Iggy, with even less pretense. In 1988, Mudhoney were cool, especially because it didn't sound like they wanted to be" - Pitchfork 


  1. Need 
  2. Chain The Door 
  3. Mudride 
  4. No One Has 
  5. If I Think 
  6. In 'N' Out Of Grace 


  1. Touch Me I'm Sick 
  2. Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More 
  3. Twenty Four 
  4. Need 
  5. Chain That Door 
  6. Mudride 
  7. No One Has 
  8. If I Think 
  9. In 'n' Out Of Grace 
  10. The Rose 
  11. Hate The Police 
  12. You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face) 
  13. Burn It Clean 
  14. Halloween 
  15. Need [Demo] 
  16. Mudride [Demo] 
  17. In 'n' Out Of Grace [Demo] 

    Live In Berlin, October 10, 1988: 
  18. No One Has 
  19. Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More 
  20. Need 
  21. Chain That Door 
  22. If I Think 
  23. Mudride 
  24. Here Comes Sickness 
  25. Touch Me I'm Sick 
  26. In 'n' Out Of Grace 

    Live On KCSB, Santa Barbara, November 16, 1988: 
  27. Mudride 
  28. Here Comes Sickness 
  29. No One Has 
  30. By Her Own Hand 
  31. Touch Me I'm Sick 
  32. Dead Love 


  • US import
  • LP includes download voucher 
  • Double-CD housed in deluxe 6-panel double-gatefold card jacket with 12mm spine 




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