Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston - It's Spooky


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"I first heard Daniel in 1985. Half Japanese had a show in Austin and Daniel's manager Jeff Tartakov gave me a tape of "Hi How Are You?". I loved it and began corresponding with Jeff and Daniel. A few years later I was in NYC to take part in a recording session of Moe Tucker at Kramer's studio Noise New York. Daniel was at the studio and he and I became friends. Daniel recorded two songs with lyrics I wrote. He recorded "Do It Right" for Moe's album, and "Some Things Last A Long Time" for his album 1990. Soon after his time in NYC I invited him to my home and we had a week to record the songs for "It's Spooky". I considered Daniel to be a genius. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him. I'm so grateful to have it released again and it's sounding better than ever thanks to an amazing mastering job by Kramer" - Jad Fair 

"This is the sound of friendship, of love unfurling” - Everett True 

“I never saw anything like the force-of-nature that was Daniel Johnston. Ever. And i'm sure I never again will. But there's more than just one force-of-nature in American music; Jad Fair is a hurricane unto himself” - Kramer 


  1. It's Spooky 
  2. Summer Time 
  3. I Met Roky Erickson 
  4. Happy Talk 
  5. McDonalds On The Brain 
  6. I Did Acid With Caroline 
  7. If I'd Only Known 
  8. Tongues Wag In This Town 
  9. Tomorrow Never Knows 
  10. Oh Honey 
  11. A Vow Of Love 
  12. When Love Calls 
  13. Frankenstein Vs. The World 
  14. Hands Of Love 
  15. Kicking The Dog 
  16. What I've Seen 
  17. Something's Got A Hold On Me 
  18. Villian 
  19. Chords Of Fame 
  20. Ostrich 
  21. Casper The Friendly Ghost 
  22. First Day At Work 
  23. Fun And Games 
  24. Nothing Left 
  25. Memphis Tennessee 
  26. Come Back 
  27. Tears Stupid Tears 
  28. The Making Of The Album 
  29. Get Yourself Together 
  30. What The World Needs Now 
  31. Sweet Loafed 
  32. Ashes On The Ground 


  • US import 
  • Limited pressing of 1500 on Casper-white vinyl 
  • Includes bonus flexi-disc featuring previously unreleased Daniel Johnston classic 'I Live My Broken Dreams' 
  • Includes bonus track, 'Ashes On The Ground' 
  • Double-LP housed in gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves containing extensive liner notes by Everett True, Jeff Feuerzeig (The Devil & Daniel Johnston, director), Jad Fair and Kramer 
  • Sound restoration and remastering by Kramer 
  • First time on vinyl in 30 years 
  • Includes download coupon 



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