Le Sato by Orchestre Poly-Rythmo on Acid Jazz Records (the album artwork features a black and white photograph of a guitarist on a green sleeve with an illustration of a drum)

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou Dahomey - Le Sato


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Recorded and issued in 1974, Le Sato is one of the earliest releases on the Albarika label, and it is also one of the deepest. 
Originally founded in Cotonou, Benin as Orchestre Poly-Disco in 1968 by Melome Clement (vocals), Bentho Gustave (bass), and Bernard 'Papillon' Zoundegnon (guitar), they lured singer Vincent Ahehehinnou from the band Daho Jazz, and eventually changed their name to Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou after signing with Adissa Seidou's Albarika Store label in 1969.  
The album title refers to Sato, the term for the traditional rhythms that soundtrack Vodun (Voodoo) rituals and ceremonies in Benin. Performance of Sato is reserved for these scared rites, which evoke the spirits of the dead and can last for several days, attracting hundreds of people. Sato rhythms cannot be played outside of Vodun. 
Acid Jazz Records continue their exclusive licensing agreement with Albarika Store, the legendary record label that defined the sound of Benin and influenced the entire region of West Africa and beyond. 



  1. Gan Tche Kpo  [13:35} 
  2. My Love  [4:44] 
  3. Gnonnou Ho  [7:31] 
  4. Min E Wa..We Non Dou  [8:02] 


  • CD housed in gatefold card jacket with 4mm spine 



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