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Warda - Khalik Hena


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Khalik Hena, composed by Baligh Hamdi, and originally released in 1973 on the Soutelphan label, is one of the all-time greatest records by Warda, and has become a highly sought-after cult classic. 

Born in the Paris suburb of an Algerian father and a Lebanese mother, Warda was discovered at age eleven by Ahmed Hachlaf of Pathe Marconi. Having honed her singing skills at her father's cabaret in the Latin Quarter, the Tam-Tam (for Tunisia - Algeria - Morocco) she quickly found recognition in the Arabic music circles. ​

The family relocated to Beirut in the late-'50s, after the police found arms in her father's cabaret destined to the political group fighting for Algeria's independence, and was swiftly discovered there by an Egyptian film producer who brought her to Cairo to record and play in his films. From there, her career took a meteoric rise and she became a star working with Egyptian stars such as Abdel Halim Hafez and composer Mohammed Abdel Wahab. 

​However, in the early-'60s a traditional marriage in Algeria stopped her career for a decade, until Algerian President Boumediene asked her to perform for the tenth anniversary of the nation's independence in 1972. This was an epiphany, and, after a divorce, she moved back to Egypt for a triumphant comeback. ​

Khalik Hena, recorded live in 1973, dates from these glory days. Teaming up with her new husband, legendary composer Baligh Hamdi, she recorded a string of classic albums - hypnotic tour-de-forces stretching over two sides in an almost trance-like mode, enhancing Warda's powerful vocal and ability to mesmerise audiences. Blending traditional and modern instrumentation (like electric guitar and organ), the music is both complex and undeniably groovy, featuring those unparalleled Arabic strings that made recordings by Oum Khalthoum, Farid El Atrache and Abdel Halim Hafez so famous. 'Khalik Hena' is one of her best LPs, sought after by Arabic diggers and collectors alike. 


  1. Khalik Hena - introduction 
  2. Khalik Hena - part 1 
  3. Khalik Hena - part 2 
  4. Khalik Hena - part 3 
  5. Khalik Hena - part 4 
  6. Khalik Hena - part 5 


  • Remastered and reissued on vinyl for the first time since the '70s 
  • Features the original album artwork 
  • Includes 2-page insert with liner notes by Mario Choueiry 



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