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Gnawa music is a spiritual tradition rooted in Moroccoʼs ancient history. Often referred to as “Sufi Blues”, its origins date back to the enslaved sub-Saharan West Africans who were taken to Morocco in the 11th century. 

Formed in New York City in 2014, Innov Gwana are a group of Moroccan expats led by Ma'alem Hassan Ben Jaffar, a master musician, and spiritual elder of the ensemble, who plays a three-stringed African bass known as a guembri. Ben Jaffar is accompanied by a brotherhood of musicians - Amino Belyamani, Ahmed Jeriouda, Samir Langus and Nawfal Atiq - all playing the qraqeb (metal castanets that represent the shackles and chains of slaves) and singing chorus responses. 

The group recorded their debut album, Lila, in one take during a five-hour session. Lila, literally meaning "night," is a traditional spiritual ceremony and communal night of celebration, led by the Ma'alem and his qraqeb ensemble, dedicated to prayer and healing through music and dancing.  



LP (please note that tracks are made up of grouped songs) 
  1. Chorfa (made up of the songs L’3fou, Salaw 3lik, Jilala) 
  2. El Kouhel (made up of the tracks  Mimouna, L’Ghumami, Gnawi Baba Mimoun, Baba L’Ghumami, Fofo Denba) 
  3. El Ghaba (made up of the tracks El Hadiya, El Hadiya Sala Nabina) 

  1. Youmala / Zidelmal * 
  2. Chorfa 
  3. El Bouhala * 
  4. El Kouhel 
  5. El Ghaba 
  6. Hamdouchia * 
* bonus tracks 


  • US import 
  • Limited edition 'Sahara dune' colour vinyl exclusive to indie stores 
  • LP housed in tip-on sleeve with insert 
  • CD housed in digipack case 
  • LP contains download coupon 
  • CD and digital download includes three bonus tracks 



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